Here's what people are saying about our classes!

“Extremely educational.  Well worth the time and money. All questions were answered to satisfaction. Much was learned based on experience as well as knowledge. Tips were shared that were probably not read in a book…Pat [Hermes] is an excellent instructor and a wonderful person. She is very enjoyable and has a charming personality. I am so glad I participated in this class.”

Sandy L.

“I really enjoyed Ms. Pat’s style of teaching. She was very knowledgeable about the industry. I would recommend this class to my friends.”

Jennifer T.

“All of the people associated with TSFA, from instructors, sales people are fabulous and so very helpful. So much knowledge at the school and everyone is eager to teach you as well as assisting you with projects.”

Angela M.

“The classes were so helpful and valuable towards gaining confidence in doing successful floral design."

Kristin T.

“The class exceeded my expectations”

Grace M.

“Absolutely thrilling and very informative.
Will recommend to friends and family.”

Kristine O.

“Mrs. Becker was very informative, easy to understand and so eager to share her experiences in the floral business. I look forward to having her as an instructor in other TSFA classes.”

Judy S.

“I really enjoyed this school. I learned a lot and how to do things correctly and not just wing it as we have had to do sometimes.”

Karen H.

“Pat [Shirley-Becker] taught more in one day than I had read and watched (on YouTube) up to this point. Invaluable tips of the trade only experience can give. Jack [Cross] was incredible with his business sense. Sharing wisdom in today’s world is rare.”

Arlene J.

“Very well designed course. Pat is a great teacher and always instilled confidence (despite my arrangements). I have a better understanding of the mechanics and theory of floral art! Great classes and will recommend to those pursing floral design.”

Sharon F.

“I must say it was amazing learning experience from Ms. Pat. I could tell Ms. Pat loves to teach and never holds any information back. I have learned so much and feel much more confident, plus I may have got a job already! This was an amazing experience in which I will never forget.”

Sue R.